Congratulations to our winners

Congratulations Livingstone’s Veggie Garden Extension for winning the Back to Earth Initiative Eastern Garden Competition. The $5,000 prize money will be used to significantly reduce the amount of food waste the school sends to landfill by increasing its capacity to compost food waste from one year level to the whole school. The five runners up will receive $1,000 to help their project bloom.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Eastern Garden Competition. We received a record number of nominations (58) and more than 18,400 votes from the community as part of competition.

During voting, the community was asked to make a pledge relating to the correct use of their council green waste collection service. Your participation in the competition has helped encourage others to divert green waste from landfill and helped to spread the word about the importance of reducing contamination in the green bin.

Ultimately this means garden waste can be turned into great compost for farmers to use to grow our food.

A very big and heartfelt thank you from the Back to Earth Initiative for the great work you are doing for our environment.


Livingstone's Veggie Garden Extension

Through this project, Livingstone Primary School aims to extend the current veggie garden to accommodate chickens and a coop for them as well as offering opportunities for more students to be involved in our gardening program. We also have a box for a worm farm but no place for this to go. We are seeking funding to provide materials to extend the fence line around the existing veggie garden, purchase equipment to care for and safely store chickens (including fox-proofing this area) and buy more compost bins for classrooms and tumblers for the garden. With the introduction of chickens, a worm farm and more compost tumblers, we will be able to increase our composting capacity from one year level (approximately 120 students) to the whole school (approximately 785 students).

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